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I don't know if the organization "Jewish War Veterans of the U.S.A." still exists, but they might have a unique take on this discussion.

Bill Streifer 


Dear Nicolas.
>I am not aware of any Jewish community in Korea during the Japanese occupation. Jews fled during the WWII from Europe to Japan on their way to America. Maybe few of them stayed in Korea. 
>During the Korean War there were Jewish-American soldiers who fought against North Korea (About 20 of them got medals few years ago from the South Korean Government).
>I would recommend that you ask the Jewish Agency or Jewish organizations in Europe, US or Israel. If there might have been a small Jewish community in Korea during the WWII, some of their descended might have immigrated to those countries. Or you can write a letter to some of the Jewish newspaper in those communities and ask them for help.
>Good luck
>Dr. Alon Levkowitz
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>Email: levko at smile.net.il
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