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Sun Jun 9 17:37:20 EDT 2013

Dear all,

The latest issue ( 3.2) of Korean Histories is now available at
www.koreanhistories.org with articles on the Musin Rebellion and colonial
Korea; the full texts of two Korean Studies Colloquium Series and a book

The initiation of the 1728 Musin rebellion assurances, the fifth-columnists
and military resources – Andrew Jackson
Modern Utopia or ‘Animal Society’? The American Imaginaries in Wartime
Colonial Korea, 1931-45 – Moon Yumi

*Korean Studies Colloquium Series*
Revisiting the Developmentalist Era Mother in 2000s South Korean
Film Domesticating Maternal Excess – Nancy Abelmann, Josie Sohn
The impact of 1945 on a north Korean family: An experiment in historical
understanding – Kenneth Wells

*Book review*
Roux, La croix, la baleine et le canon: la France face à la Corée au milieu
du XIXe siècle – Boudewijn Walraven


Remco Breuker
Leiden University.
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