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Korean Histories is a peer-reviewed on-line academic journal that has
recently published issue 3.2 (available for downloading from
www.koreanhistories.org).  We are now calling for papers for issue 4.1,
scheduled for publication in November-December.

Korean Histories focuses on historiography as a social process in Korea and
is devoted to research that heavily relies on other sources than the
conventional written historical sources and highlights the role these
unconventional sources play in the formation of historical visions of
groups, communities and both non-professional and professional historians.

History is alive on the Korean peninsula. Contentious historical issues
mobilize crowds, infuse political debates and rally netizens in fierce
internet discussions. In popular media representations of history are
recurrent features. In a society with a tradition of tracing legitimacy in
historical precedent, social players always have felt a need to engage
history for the sake of their cause. From professional historians to
journalists, from novelists to activists, from politicians to religious
leaders, from students to artists, all are (re-)producers of
historiographies in and of Korea.

Methodologically sound and empirically solid histories produced by
professional historians based on "authoritative" sources coexist in such a
landscape with more informal, intuitive, often fluid and highly contextual
understandings of history, creating alternative Korean histories.

Korean Histories publishes articles that engage these fields of
historiographical production, where different players interact and
influence each other, creating a web of variations and diversions from
"standard/authoritative" national history.

The editors of Korean Histories invite submissions based on original
research responding to the theme of historiography as social practice in
Korea in the broadest sense possible, regardless of period, subject or
angle. We welcome interdisciplinary or comparative submissions, and
particularly submissions that rely on unconventional sources (such as
music, art, religious concepts, movies, the internet, blogs, advertisements
or literary texts), which –copyright laws permitting- may be published
alongside the article in digital format.

Please submit articles for consideration and any questions by email to Ken
Wells:  kmauricewells at gmail.com

Boudewijn Walraven, editor in chief
Ken Wells, editor in chief

Koen De Ceuster, managing editor
Remco Breuker, managing editor
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