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The Announcement below was sent out last week. At that time, we had 
statements from only 4 candidates.
Now, we have 6 statements for all 6 candidates. Please visit the AKSE 
website and prepare to vote at the Vienna Conference.


The AKSE council has received 6 nominations to replace two regular 
council members (Marion Eggert and Valérie Gelézeau) whose 4-year term 
ends in 2013, at the Vienna conference (July 6-9, 2013). _Elections per 
ballot will take place during the 2013 AKSE Conference in Vienna (July 
6-9)._ Only full members who have paid their membership dues will be 
entitled to vote; results will be announced during the Membership 
Meeting at the Vienna Conference.

In selecting candidates, please take note of the following:

--The AKSE council should represent the diversity of Korean Studies in 
Europe, both regionally and in terms of discipline.
--Nominees should have been a member of AKSE for at least 4 years. They 
should have experience organizing conferences or directing a project or 
department, or should have experience as a member of a scientific 
committee of evaluation.
--Nominees should be committed to collaborate with colleagues across 
Europe for the greater interest of the Association and be willing to 
accept specific tasks that have to be done by members of the Council 
team to achieve the greater goal of furthering Korean Studies in the 
European region.
--The organizer of the AKSE Conference is co-opted as Secretary into the 
AKSE Council and serves a full 4-year term. This means that the next 
AKSE Conference organizer will replace Rüdiger Frank on the Council as 
his 4-year term comes to an end in 2013.

For Candidates' names and personal statements, please go to the 
following website: http://www.akse.uni-kiel.de/index.php?topic=main
and look for Council Election Nominations in the upper right-hand corner 
within Blackboard.

Sincerely yours,
Prof. Antonetta Bruno

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