[KS] Querry: good translation for pun 分 (size of logographs)

Jim Thomas jimpthomas at hotmail.com
Tue Jun 11 20:53:17 EDT 2013

Dear Richard
If the size of the Sino-Korean logographs (characters) is said to be six pun (yukpun 六分), does that mean the logographs are six-tenths of an "inch" (ch'on 寸) in size?  Would it be best to try to translate it into the jargon of present-day type measurement by using the term point?  


Mathmatically speaking, six ch'on is almost exactly 7/8" (see below), which would seem about the right size for small characters inscribed on stele. I think '7/8" logographs' sounds much better than '63 point logographs.' Or, alternatively, 1 寸  = ~2.085cm, or rounding down and up = 2cm or 21mm. 




1 寸 =  ~1.463"

1 point = 1/72"

1.463 x 72 = 105.336 / 6 x 10 = 63.2 points

63 / 72 = 7/8"

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