[KS] Querry: good translation for pun 分 (size of logographs)

Richard McBride rick_mcbride17 at hotmail.com
Tue Jun 11 19:11:22 EDT 2013

Dear Colleauges


I am working with some Silla period funerary steles, and one of the terms that occurs frequently in the discussion of the size and style of the epigraphs is word pun 分.  As everyone knows, pun means lots of things.  The context suggests it has something to do with size and proportions.  If the size of the Sino-Korean logographs (characters) is said to be six pun (yukpun 六分), does that mean the logographs are six-tenths of an "inch" (ch'on 寸) in size?  Would it be best to try to translate it into the jargon of present-day type measurement by using the term point?   I would be grateful for your comments and opinions. 



Richard McBride

Department of History

Brigham Young University, Hawaii

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