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*4th Flying **University of Transnational Humanities* (September 16-19,
2013, Universität Leipzig, Germany)

Research Institute of Comparative History and Culture, Hanyang University;
Graduate Centre Humanities and Social Sciences of the Research Academy
September 16-19, 2013, Leipzig, Universität Leipzig, Seminargebäude

Deadline: 01.04.2013

The fourth Flying University of Transnational Humanities (FUTH) is jointly
organized by the Research Institute of Comparative History and Culture
(RICH), Hanyang University, Seoul, together with the Graduate Centre for
Humanities and Social Sciences of the Research Academy Leipzig and will
take place at the Leipzig University, 16-19 September 2013, under the title
of "New Regionalism." We welcome applications from current PhD students as
well as young researchers at the early stages of their postdoctoral career
of all fields who are interested in the phenomenon of new regionalisms and
currently conducting research on topics related to this topic.

The Flying University of Transnational Humanities (FUTH), which took place
for the first three times in Seoul at Hanyang University from 2010 to 2012,
is accordingly:

*- Trans-cultural:* FUTH not only critically examines the production
and circulation
of (trans-)national knowledge and culture, but it also problematizes
imagined geographies of the "East" and the "West". We explore periods,
places, and subjects as fluid and hybrid, rather than as confined and
constrained by geopolitical or cultural boundaries.

*- Trans-disciplinary:* FUTH seeks to comprehend the complex nature of various
trans-cultural issues through trans-disciplinary approaches. To that end,
FUTH is open to scholars, educators, researchers and students from all
academic specializations.

*- Trans-institutional: *FUTH is an intellectual network, founded and run by
a global consortium of scholars, departments, and institutions. With the
support of this network, we hope to facilitate trans-cultural and

It is for the first time that FUTH is now organized in Europe in close
with the Leipzig Graduate Centre for the Humanities and Social Sciences,
which normally held its annual summer school during the same time.

*Thematic focus of the Summer School*

In the current process of globalization there are many challenges to what
is often described as "the sovereign nation-state", ranging from increased
inter-state migration to the border-crossing effects of climate change, and
from new forms of financial entanglements to transnational security
threats. Since the end of the Cold War, "new regionalisms" have emerged in
response to these challenges. These include state-driven attempts to foster
regional integration and establish "more effective" regional institutions,
or to find regional solutions to current political, economic and other
problems. But the "new regionalisms" of the past two decades also include
various formal and informal actors activities of non-state actors -
companies, networks, NGOs, etc. - that usually operate in
transnational environments
as well as, sometimes, at micro-levels.

The topic invites for comparative research as, on the one hand, these processes
of regionalization are not only happening simultaneously but also with
reference to each other while, on the other hand, the "newness" of the new
regionalisms merits investigation by comparing it to historically elder

Focusing during the summer school on new regionalism is at the same time asking
for theoretical frameworks that may explain the interest in macro-regions
as a level - one among others or the central one? - of political or
economic integration and coordination as well as cultural identification
that is seen as having high potential in regards to global competition.

We will provide all applicants a reader with a selection of texts that may
inspire discussion on the various concepts that compose the field of new
regionalism research (Reading list:

Key notes will be held by prominent scholars from both Asia and Europe.


All interested PhD students and post-docs are cordially invited to submit a
paper for application to the Summer School.  The application should
- Personal details, as well as academic status, including the relevant academic
- An abstract of the proposed presentation (1000-1200 words).

via e-mail to:

Leipzig University, Graduate Centre Humanities and Social Sciences
Emil-Fuchs-Str. 1
D-04105 Leipzig
E-mail: ral.humanities at uni-leipzig.de

*Application deadline: 1 April 2013*

The final acceptance of submitted papers will be decided by a
selection committee
no later than 1 June 2013. In order to prepare for academic commentary,
submission of the actual paper (10-15 pages) is expected by 15 August
2013.  The paper will be pre-circulated and should fit within a 15-20
minute presentation.

*Participation fee*

The participation fee is EUR 50.  Included in this fee are the conference
materials (including the reader), refreshments during the breaks as well as
participation in the welcoming reception and the cultural events that will
be held during the Summer School. Upon request, reasonably priced
accommodations in Leipzig will be arranged by the conference office. Partial
travel grants may be awarded to a limited number of applicants (5 to
applicants from East-Central Europe, 4 to applicants from Africa, 7 to
applicants from East Asia). Upon successful participation of the Summer
School, it will be possible to receive a certificate from the Graduate
Centre Humanities and Social Sciences. Further information can be found at
the following website: www.uni-leipzig.de/ral/gchuman


Childcare will be organized through the Graduate Centre. Registration
is requested
(by 1 September 2013) by contacting: Martina Keilbach (
keilbach at uni-leipzig.de).

Martina Keilbach

Emil-Fuchs-Str. 1
D-04105 Leipzig
0049 341 9730286
0049 341 9731209
E-mail: ral.humanities at uni-leipzig.de
Homepage <http://www.uni-leipzig.de/ral/gchuman>
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