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Dear Korean Studies colleagues,

Earlier this week the director, Dr. Rene Duignan, presented his 51 minute movie about the high rate of suicide in Japan to members of the news media & the National Diet. He documents the problem, the causes, the solutions, and the social consequences. While the setting is Japan, my impression of society on the south half of the Korean peninsula is that (at least among college entrance exam candidates) the rate is at least as high, if not higher. Now the movie is uploaded.

Please view this movie and tell others about it, too. Mental health professionals, researchers, teachers, friends and family members may benefit from this open discussion of a difficult topic.

http://tinyurl.com/saving10000 [full movie], http://www.saving10000.com [website, including trailer for movie]

--Guven Witteveen

Guven Peter Witteveen 
anthroview at gmail.com
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