[KS] _Ch'inil inmyŏng sajŏn_ as smartphone app

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Mon Mar 11 02:31:29 EDT 2013

Dear All:

Those of you interested in the colonial period will have most likely 
seen ads for the 3-volume (plus supplement) biographical dictionary of 
pro-Japanese Koreans [_Ch'inil inmyŏng sajŏn 친일인명사전_], published 
in 2009 by Minjok Munje Yŏn'guso. The regular sales price is around 
300,000 Wŏn (ca. $270), I believe. The dictionary includes bios of 
almost 5000 people. Just search Naver or Google and you will find 
plenty of press coverage on the publication.

Like many here, I suppose, I think that such a Cinderella approach to 
deal with colonialism--the good into the pot, the bad into the crop--is 
utterly useless for the understanding of historical developments. Apart 
from this, and with the reservations one should have against 
politically motivated biographical dictionaries in general, this is a 
useful tool with often well researched biographical entries. 

The _Ch'inil inmyŏng sajŏn_ is now available for $9 as an app for 
Android OS and iOS machines: smartphone like iPhone or Samsung Galaxy, 
and iPad or iPod Touch. I find it quite hilarious to look up some 
colonial period intellectuals or business people on a smartphone, but 
it works really fine, and one does not even need Han'gŭl input to 
Download link: 

Someone should write an article about this ad poster here … from the 
home page of Minjok Munje Yŏn'guso :)

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Frank Hoffmann

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