[KS] _Ch'inil inmyŏng sajŏn_ as smartphone app

Frank Hoffmann hoffmann at koreaweb.ws
Mon Mar 11 18:16:43 EDT 2013

The following issue was just brought up in a brief private email 
exchange, related to the earlier posting about the _Ch'inil inmyŏng 
sajŏn_ smartphone app. This may well be of interest for other here, so 
I post it:

>> Can I convert and run smartphone apps like this on my computer somehow?

Yes. While you cannot convert them, you can quite easily run cell phone 
apps on your Windows or Mac OSX computer. There are various ways to do 
this, to run Android apps like this one on a regular computer, and the 
easiest one (complete install and setup takes no longer than 10 
minutes) is to use "BlueStacks" (free program):
That works fine for all Windows versions, lets you sync selected apps 
installed on your cell phone, even all installs from your cell phone, 
so you can run all apps from Windows then (e.g. write and receive SMS 
from the computer while at home, using a regular keyboard, and still 
having copies of them at your smartphone), have them automatically and 
continuously synced. *But* for Mac OSX the current beta version does 
not work as it should, no syncing, no copy-paste between regular Mac 
programs and apps running under BlueStack. (But I got at least the 
_Ch'inil inmyŏng sajŏn_ running fine, emulating a larger tabloid 
version of it.) "BlueStack" basically emulates another OS, the Android 
OS. There are other ways to emulate Android that also work well for 
Mac. (but BlueStack would be the best solution though, when and if it 
also works for Mac … maybe with the next release.). All different 
methods are very well explained here:
  Windows --> 
  Mac --> http://www.makeuseof.com/tag/run-android-apps-mac-os/

Last note: as for a app like _Ch'inil inmyŏng sajŏn_ that stores its 
data in an about 9 MB large data base, it is of course possible to 
transfer that data base to another DB format, e.g. FileMaker Pro, and 
then have it readily available. That just can't be posted because of 


Frank Hoffmann

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