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 Conference Announcement:

"The 'Miracle' Narrative of the Korean Cultural Industries: Perspectives
from the Middle East"

 May 7-9 2013, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, The Harry S. Truman
Research Institute for the Advancement of Peace.

This international conference will examine the way Korean popular culture
is being appropriated and received in the Middle East and analyze the
social and academic developments it inspires. The discussions will focus on
four major themes: (a) Harbingers, industries, agents, and fans involved in
bringing the "Korean Wave" to the Middle East (b) Acceptance and
integration of the Korean Wave within local and other imported (American)
popular cultures (c) Relations between Korean cultural presence and Korean
academic studies, and (d) Perspectives, images, and stereotypes of Korea in
the Middle East.

*Conference Program*

7 May 2013, Tuesday

*16:30-18:00 Keynote Speech*

Nancy Abelmann, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

"Fragile Cosmopolitanism: Hallyu in Korean Studies"

8 May 2013, Wednesday

*10:00-10:30 Opening Session*

Menahem Blondheim, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Academic Director of
the Truman Institute

Gil-Sung Park, Korea University, Chairman of the World Association for
Hallyu Studies (WAHS)

Nissim Otmazgin, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem

*10:30-12:00 Panel I: Korea's Relations and Images in the Middle East*

Chair: Yaakov Cohen, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Alon Levkowitz, Bar-Ilan University and The Hebrew University of Jerusalem,

"Korea's Middle East Policy: Tilting between Soft and Hard Power"

Guy Podoler, University of Haifa,

"Between Sanjo and 'Cha Boom': Korean Culture in Israel in the 1960s and

Nissim Otmazgin, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem,

"Hallyu and the Re-making of Korea’s Image in the Middle East”

*13:30-15:00 Panel II: The Globalization of Hallyu: Industry and Policy*

Chair: Galia Press-Barnathan, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Ingyu Oh and Gil-Sung Park, Korea University,

“The Globalization of K-pop Industry”

Wonho Jang, University of Seoul,

“Cultural Hybrid and Hallyu”

Jooyeon Rhee, Wittenberg University,

"Locating Home: Assessing Multiculturalism in South Korea Through *Hallyu*"

*15:30-17:30 Panel III: **Hallyu in the Middle East*

Chair: Michal Daliot-Bul, University of Haifa

Sueen Noh, Wheaton College,

"Crossing the 21st Century Silk Road via Social Media: A Case Study of
Korean Popular Culture Fans in the Middle East"

Shima Hemati, Frankfurt University,

"Against All Odds: South Korea’s Nation Branding Campaign in Iran"

Limor Shifman and Sulafa Zidani, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem,

"Middle Eastern Style: Re-makes of Gangnam Style as Identity Practice"

9 May 2013, Thursday

*09:00-11:00 Panel IV: Hallyu in Israel*

Chair: Helena Grinshpun, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Dafna Zur, Stanford University,

"Negotiating Culture: Hebrew Subtitles in Korean Dramas"

Liora Sarfati, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem and Tel Aviv University,

"The Benefits and Dangers of Using Popular Media to Teach Academic Classes
on Culture and History of Korea"

Irina Lyan, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem,

"From Holy Land to 'Hallyu Land' and Back: The Journey Following the Korean
Wave in Israel"

*11:30-13:00 Panel V: Korean Cinema in the Middle East and Beyond*

Chair: Ronie Parciack, Tel Aviv University

Melis Behlil, Kadir Has University,

“Mirroring Miracles? A Comparative Analysis of Contemporary South Korean
and Turkish Media Industries”

Pablo Utin, Tel Aviv University,

“The Humanistic Turn: A Comparison between Israel's and South Korea's
Cinemas of Conflict”

Christine Yoo, Filmmaker,

“Hollywood and Hallyuwood: A Case Study of Film Production Systems” (TBC)

*14:30-16:00 Concluding Panel*


For further information and registration please contact Mrs. Ira Lyan at

koreanwavemiddleeast at gmail.com


PhD Candidate
Dept. of Sociology and Anthropology
The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Tel.: 054-2378-003
E-mail: irina.lyan at mail.huji.ac.il
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