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A query from a graduate student in Comparative Literature.  We have a bi-weekly reading group.

He asks if anyone might know who the author of the 1912 Ch'unhyang novel was?  Or "Rosny"?

Many thanks for any suggestions.

David McCann

Begin forwarded message:

  Some weeks ago I asked you about what version of the story of Chun Hyang could be the text that was translated into French at the turn of the 19th century, (the version of the Korean story that the first Latin American chronicler in East Asia claims to have read in French translation). At the time you mentioned that there was an academic online forum for Korean Studies to which you could forward the question. I would be very much in your debt if you could do this.
  Here is the question:

  “In Enrique Gomez Carrillo’s 1912 travel book, “De Marsella a Tokio,” there is a chapter portraying his stay in the Korean peninsula in 1908. He writes that Korean literature, at the time of his writing, was scarcely known to the outside world, and cites the story of Chun-Hyang as the only Korean “novel” to have reached Western readers. He writes:
“The only thing we have is a novel, titled “Ichung Hyang”(…) In the ship library there is an European translation, written in French, by Hong Tjyong-Ou, a gentleman from Seoul, a mandaring of the first class, and corrected by Rosny.”
 Would anyone know the correct spelling for the author of the novel, or anything about his French collaborator, “Rosny”?”

Thank you very much for your help

Manuel Azuaje-Alamo
Harvard University, Department of Comparative Literature
PhD. Program

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