[KS] old MS Word / Korean font question

Janelli, Roger L. janelli at indiana.edu
Wed Nov 13 12:13:48 EST 2013

Dear Frank,

I’ve experienced a similar problem and found that inserting a single Korean letter at the start of a word converts the whole word to Hangeul. Then the inserted latter can be removed.


On Nov 13, 2013, at 4:39 AM, Frank Hoffmann <hoffmann at koreanstudies.com> wrote:

> Dear All:
> A quick question:
> On the Mac I mostly used "AppleMyungjo" in the 1990s, and a font of 
> that name is still present now in the latest OS (X.9). But I only see 
> scrambled text like this: ãÛ≠ å´ßÔ
> The problem seems to occur because of the Unicode conversion, I think. 
> No interest to research that, just looking for a practical solution. 
> Does anyone know of a way to convert old MS Word texts using 
> AppleMyungjo or similar old CJK fonts so the characters show again?
> Did you experience the same problem on Windows PCs?
> Best,
> Frank
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