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Dear list members, 

Please allow me to introduce here my 2012 book "North Korean Cinema - A History". Some of you may already be aware of the book but nonetheless, I would like to announce it here for the first time on the forum.

McFarland, the publisher, chose the following lines to advertise the book

"Like many ideological dictatorships of the twentieth century, North 
Korea has always considered cinema an indispensible propaganda tool. No 
other medium penetrated the whole of the population so thoroughly, and 
no other medium remained so strictly and exclusively under state 
control. Through movies, the two successive leaders Kim Il Sung and Kim 
Jong Il propagandized their policies and sought to rally the masses 
behind them, with great success. This volume chronicles the history of 
North Korean cinema from its beginnings to today, examining the 
obstacles the film industry faced as well as the many social problems 
the films themselves reveal. It provides detailed analyses of major and 
minor films and explores important developments in the industry within 
the context of the concurrent social and political atmosphere. Through 
the lens of cinema emerges a fresh perspective on the history of North 
Korean politics, culture, and ideology." Quote from  http://www.mcfarlandpub.com/book-2.php?id=978-0-7864-6526-2

For a brief peek into the first pages of the book please see the amazon site:  http://www.amazon.com/North-Korean-Cinema-A-History/dp/0786465263/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1370901625&sr=8-1&keywords=north+korean+cinema#reader_0786465263

With best regards,

Johannes Schonherr

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