[KS] Attendants interred in royal Silla graves?

Best, Jonathan jbest at wesleyan.edu
Tue Nov 19 21:39:53 EST 2013

At a recent conference in New York a curator from one of Korea's national museums said that definitely some Silla royal graves in Kyŏngju, including the Hwangnam Great Tomb, contain in addition to the king and/or queen the remains of five to ten others who chose or were chosen to attend the principal occupant(s) of the tomb in the afterlife. Although I know that such attendant burials occurred in Kaya, I thought that at least as late as the 1990s it was still debated whether or not there is material evidence that this practice was ever actually done in Kyŏngju, despite the fact that it is banned in a Samguk sagi passage dated 502.

So I would be very interested in knowing whether there is definitive evidence of the practice in Silla and, if so, in which tombs attendant burials have been unearthed.

Thanks in advance for any assistance,


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