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Bill Streifer photografr7 at yahoo.com
Tue Apr 22 12:06:57 EDT 2014

I found someone. Thanks!

-- Bill

   3. Can you read the old Japanese Kanji? (Bill Streifer)

Fellow group members,

I've located the English translation of a document concerning Japan's atomic program during WWII. Unfortunately, it's a summary and it includes various errors in translation. I've also discovered the original Japanese report; not summarized and not translated into English.

I'm looking for a certain "key word" in the Japanese document, but I can't read a word of  Japanese. It's written in the old Kanji (typewritten). Does anyone know of a student who might be willing to scan through this 6.5-page technical report for ONE specific keyword?

The best I can do is thank the gentleman or gentlewoman (by name) in my forthcoming book.

Thank you.
Bill Streifer
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