[KS] Books on Owen N. Denny

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Dear Prof. Giuffre,


A quick check of the usual sources leads me  to conclude that there is no
electronic copy available.  Google Books says there is none, and though at
first impression it appears to be in JSTOR, this seems to be a book review
and not full text.  Amazon.com has no Kindle copy, and the University of
Hawaii (who published this book) has no electronic copy listed in its




Bill McCloy

East Asian Law Librarian (Retired)

University of Washington


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I am doing a research on  Owen N. Denny's role in king Sojon's court, and
China's efforts to block Korea's communication with Western countries.-

I am interested in this book: 

Mandarins, gunboats, and power politics: Owen Nickerson Denny and the
international rivalries in Korea


Robert R. Swartout


¿Does anybody know if there is an e-book copy of this book?- Any other
suggestions on bibliography or different approaches,  will be deeply


Regards. Prof. M. Giuffre.



Mercedes Susana Giuffré
Magíster en Filosofía y Ciencias Políticas
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TRADUCTORA Pública Nacional.


Universidad Nacional de Mar del Plata


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