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Dear Colleagues,
As usual, I would like to share with you the contents of the latest issue of the Seoul Journal of Korean Studies. In fact it already appeared more than a month ago, but I forgot to post this message - apologies for that. These articles can be downloaded via Project MUSE or DBPia, but we can also send out a limited number of complimentary copies. Please send an e-mail to seoul.journal at gmail.com to receive a copy. Also, if you have any queries about publishing articles or reviews, please send an e-mail to the same address.
Seoul Journal of Korean Studies vol. 27 no. 1 (June 2014)
Parhae in Historiography and Archaeology: International Debate and Prospects for Resolution (Jesse D. Sloane) (1-35)
Priests, Entertainers, or Prostitutes: The Three Roles of the Female Performers (Sadang) in Choson Korea (Kum Sung Soon) (37-58)
Before the Coherent Plot: Kim Sowol's Editors, 1920-1925 (Wayne de Fremery) (59-89)
The Chinese Civil War and Sino-North Korea Relations, 1945-50 (Kim Sang Won) (91-113)
The United States' Economic Disengagement Policy and Korea's Industrial Transformation: Implications of the Textile Disputes (1969-1971) for the Quasi Alliance in East Asia (Kim Chong Min) (115-136)

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