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Post Scriptum:

First, my apologies about my many typos in the last message ....

Second, it seems the only one having done some research on Henri 
Chevalier and Hong Chong-u is -- and that comes to no surprise -- again 
Professor Li Jin Mieung in Lyon:
You may want to check out her article in UNESCO's _Revue de Corée_ 
("Traduction d'oeuvres littéraires coréennes en français, de 1892 à 
1994") and her articles at http://www.euro-coree.net/ (see May/June 
2006 of their online magazine).

The earlier mentioned 2010 (not 2011 as I stated) German dissertation 
by Doo Won Cho has the following summary, but I think this is also 
based on Li Jin Mieung's research and will likely be found like this in 
various Korean publications as well ... saw that elsewhere but do not 
have the references at hand now:

Henri Chevalier (1855-1924) was an engineer, ethnologist, and a 
diplomat. When working at the École des langues orientales, he met the 
Korean Hong Chong-u. Hong then taught him Chinese. Later on, Chevalier 
became interested in the traditional culture of Korea and translated 
with Hong Chong-u's help several Korean works and published partial 
translations, (...).
(Doo Won Cho, p. 79)


Frank Hoffmann

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