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I have been interested in Hong for some time and have found 조재곤, “그래서 나는
김옥균을 쏘았다” (Seoul, South Korea, Blue History Publishing Company, 2005) to be
a very interesting book.  It provides some interesting information as to
Hong's stay in Japan and France.

Robert Neff

On Thu, Dec 4, 2014 at 11:17 AM, Brother Anthony <ansonjae at sogang.ac.kr>

> Regarding the possible links between Hong and Maurice Courant, Maurice
> Courant only arrived for the first time in Seoul coming from Beijing on May
> 23, 1890 to act as secretary to Victor Collin de Plancy. I do not know when
> Hong set out for France but according to Regamey he had spent 2 years in
> Japan immediately prior to that, and his decision to make the journey to
> France was directly influenced by a former Japanese minister, who gave him
> a letter of introduction to Clémenceau. Did he return to Seoul to get his
> passport? Perhaps, but probably only for a short time.
> One thing in this direction that I find curious is Regamey's comment that
> after Hong met Francois George Cogordan (whom he had seen when he was in
> Seoul on June 4 1886 to sign the treaty of friendship and trade) he was
> puzzled never to be able to see him again, because, "pour des raisons de
> hautes convenances politiques, la France devait ignorer complètement la
> Corée, les Coréens et tout ce qui les concernait" (for reason of high
> political considerations, France had to ignore completely Corea, Coreans
> and everything about them). What was going on there? Perhaps Hong was
> simply too junior and insignificant, and poor?
> Br Anthony
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