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The Han-Il Gwangyesa Hakhoe encourages scholars writing on aspects of Korean-Japanese/Japanese-Korean relations history to submit English-language papers to the association's journal, Han-Il gwangyesa yeongu, for peer review and possible publication. The Korea Research Foundation ranks this journal in its A class for history journals.
Papers from all periods are encouraged. Please note that the spelling of Korean personal names, place names, and other words must follow the Revised Romanization system. (Hepburn for Japanese and Pinyin for Chinese is acceptable.) Please also note that because of page limits for each issue no more than two English-language articles may be published in one issue. 
The journal is published three times each year, in April, August, and December. Please send your completed papers for review to Professor Chung Sungil at sichung at hanmail.net.

Chung Sungil
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