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Dear Dr. Kajo,

Thank you for your email.

May I suggest that you contact Professor Todd Henry at UC San Diego.  He might be able to help.

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John Duncan

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Good morning!
I work at the Margaret Sanger Papers in the History Department at New York University and was directed to your list as a place that might help us on a question we are struggling with.

In 1922 Margaret Sanger traveled to Korea where she spoke to a luncheon meeting and noted that the Mayor of Seoul also attended. We have been trying to identify him and have found references to it being Gil Song, a Korean version of Motaro Yoshimatsu. (from Edward I-te Chan, "Japanese Colonialism in Korea and Formosa,"Harvard Journal of Asiatic Studies, 1970). We haven't been able to find any other information, other than that there is a Motaro Yoshimatsu (1859-?) who in 1915-17 was Admiral of the Imperial Japanese Fleet. (from Iwata Nishizawa's Japan in the Taisho Era, [1917]). We are trying to verify that it is the same person, but we don't read Korean or Japanese and haven't been able to locate any additional information about any of the names.
Do you know of any sources that could help us better identify the Mayor of Seoul in April 1922?
Thanks for any suggestions you might be able to make.
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