[KS] Korean geology: What did we know and when did we know it?

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Dear Bill,
You can find a very good discussion on what the West knew about geological resources (mainly tungsten) in Chad Denton's "More Valuable than Gold: Korean Tungsten and the Japanese War Economy, 1910 to 1945," Seoul Journal of Korean Studies 26:2 (2013).

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Northern Korea is rich in monazite, about 5.5% of which is thorium oxide and less than 1% uranium oxide. From what I understand, the majority of monazite is located in the mountainous regions of North Korea, although the monazite itself is most often mined in stream and river "placers" that flow from those mountains. Since much of my information was obtained from pre-war Japanese
 geologists, I'm wondering how much of this geological information was available to the British and to the Americans during WWII. 
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