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This subject might not be "your thing" but you consistently come back with the most interesting responses. Yes, my interest is Japan's atomic program in Konan, Korea during WWII, but German shipments of uranium oxide to Japan is not part of my evidence or interest.

I am not even sure if I heard that the uranium shipped to Japan might be related to strengthening steel for use in rocket engines, but I'm not surprised. The NZ plant at Konan, also believed related to the atomic bomb, turned out to be related to the jet fuel Z-stoff (German rocket fuel).  But what's most interesting, whatever NZ is related to, the Soviets continued to pursue that technology at Konan (Hungnam) until 1948 and beyond. 

If I could post a map here, I would show you a 1948 map of Hungnam that clearly shows one of the buildings (actually part of a building) marked "NZ." If you want a copy, please contact me directly.

-- Bill Streifer
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