[KS] Haddo Gordon

Robert Provine provine at umd.edu
Sun Mar 23 11:36:38 EDT 2014

A question for the collective wisdom, especially those working the late 
19th century:

Who was Gordon Haddo, or Haddo Gordon as the case may be?

His writings are cited in studies of the period, especially in 
connection with Sô Kwangbôm (1859-1897), whom he claims to have known 
well and to have interviewed at length.

His two chief (only?) writings appear to be:

1. "The Rise and Fall of the Progressive Party of Korea." _The 
Chautauquan_ 16 (October 1892-March 1893), 46-49. [Author's name given 
as Gordon Haddo]

2. "A Young Corean Rebel." _Lippincott's Monthly Magazine_ 55 (May 
1895), 662-668. [Author's name given as Haddo Gordon] This article is 
about Sô Kwangbôm.

It faintly sticks in my seriously unreliable memory that "Gordon Haddo" 
is just a pseudonym. If so, I have a deduction as to who it could be, 
and who would have a possible reason for anonymity, but I'll keep that 
quiet for the moment in hopes that those in the Korean Studies List will 
have solid knowledge better than my unconfident deduction.

Many thanks -


Rob Provine

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