[KS] Koreanstudies Digest, Vol 129, Issue 24

Bill Streifer photografr7 at yahoo.com
Sun Mar 23 12:15:55 EDT 2014

One correction, Frank. The Germans certainly did ship uranium to Japan. When U-234 surrendered while en route to Japan (departing April 15, 1945), and the keel plate was removed, the Americans discovered 560 kg of uranium oxide on board. I was also informed by the son of the Japanese liaison officer to Germany that a second U-boat, sank by an American submarine off the coast of Norway, also had uranium on board. A third U-boat was scheduled, but the Germans surrendered before it launched.

-- Bill Streifer

For further clarification: the Germans did not ship uranium oxide to Japan (they were rather interested in getting that FROM Korea, but the blockade made that impossible at the very time they would have needed it for their arms industry). 
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