[KS] Tuesday, April 8 at UC Berkeley (Victor Cha): "What is Going On In North Korea?"

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*The Center for Korean Studies*

*University of California, Berkeley*

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*What Is Going On In North Korea?*

Lecture | *April 8 | 4-5:30 p.m. *| 223 Moses

Speaker: *Victor Cha*, Georgetown University & Center for Strategic and
International Studies

Sponsors: Institute of International Studies <http://iis.berkeley.edu/>, Center
for Korean Studies (CKS) <http://ieas.berkeley.edu/cks/>

What is going on in North Korea? Do recent events signal an opening in the
system or a spiraling down of the system? What challenges do the United
States and its allies face?

Professor Victor D. Cha (Ph.D. Columbia, MA Oxford, BA Columbia) is
director of Asian Studies and holds the D.S. Song Chair in the Department
of Government and School of Foreign Service at Georgetown University. In
2009, he was named as Senior Adviser and the inaugural holder of the new
Korea Chair at the Center for Strategic and International Studies in
Washington, DC. He left the White House in May 2007 after serving since
2004 as Director for Asian Affairs at the National Security Council. At the
White House, he was responsible primarily for Japan, the Korean peninsula,
Australia/New Zealand and Pacific Island nation affairs. Dr. Cha was also
the Deputy Head of Delegation for the United States at the Six Party Talks
in Beijing, and received two Outstanding Service commendations during his
tenure at the NSC.

Event Contact: rexille at berkeley.edu, 510-642-2474


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 *What am I?*

Colloquium: Center for Korean Studies | *April 11 | 4 p.m. *| Institute of
East Asian Studies (2223 Fulton, 6th
Conference Room

 Speaker: *Hyon Gak Sunim* <http://cloud-path.tumblr.com/>

Sponsor: Center for Korean Studies (CKS) <http://ieas.berkeley.edu/cks/>

 In this world, which is torn by politics, religion, materialism, human
beings believe too much that their thinking and ideas and beliefs are real.
They attach to these ideas and beliefs, and they fight over them -- this
only leads suffering. The word for that is "ignorance". Not only that, but
through their intense desire, anger and ignorance, human beings are
exterminating all life on this planet through a mindless pursuit of
material comfort and temporary ease. If human beings do not soon "wake up,"
they risk ending life for so many species of living things, not only

"Zen" (meditation) means returning to the fundamental, true Self - which
comes before nationality or religion. An American-born Zen monk and
graduate of Yale and Harvard, Hyon Gak Sunim ordained as a monk in 1992. In
his talk, he will stress that meditation is not based on religion, belief,
or dogma. It is scientifically tested, peer-reviewed and affirmed
technology for human beings to reach their innermost depths and most
creative possibilities.

As we well know, recent scientific studies have proven that meditation
frees up creative forces, unleashes unconscious creativities, and generates
non-sectarian bases for genuine fellow-feeling and modes of compassionate
interaction. The explosive field of neuroplasticity itself proves that when
human beings spend even just a few minutes a day, following their breath
and noticing deeply their thought-patterns, they are subtly freed from
entrapping patterns of thought and feeling. This talk will introduce to the
public the basic teaching of Zen, and its central technology of looking
into one's true nature.

 Event Contact: cks at berkeley.edu, 510-642-5674

Event Contact: cks at berkeley.edu, 510-642-5674

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