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Center for Korean Studies, University of Washington-Seattle

Call for Papers: “Serialization in Asia”
Proposals Due July 1st, 2014

The Center for Korean Studies at the University of Washington invites paper
proposals for “Serialization in Asia,” a conference on serialized cultural
production to be held at the University of Washington, May 15-16, 2015.

The premodern and modern eras in Asia witnessed increasing creation and
consumption of cultural products in serialized form. Beginning most
prominently in the nineteenth century, seriality emerged as one of the core
components of cultural productions in many fields, and it continues to
become an ever more powerful mechanism in the twenty-first century,
ubiquitous in fields as diverse as literature, radio, film, TV, comic
books, games, and various web-based formats.

We will hold “Serialization in Asia” with the aim of opening up
interdisciplinary and interregional discussions on the following questions:
How will our understandings of cultural products and related phenomena
change when we take seriality as a pivotal theme to examine them? In what
ways does serialization shape, reshape, or complicate the work, its
reception, and the medium through which it is delivered? How can we relate
evolutions in new media to more conventional forms of serialization? How
does seriality relate to our socio-cultural reality and our perception of
the world around us? What socio-historical components have been involved in
the seriality’s flourishing in Asia, and how do those components differ
from place to place?  What similarities and differences are there between
serial production in Asia and the rest of the world? How can we understand
this specific but pervasive cultural form in relation to the formation of
the modern?

We will ask participants to submit papers of 6,000-8,000 words to be
circulated before the conference, so that the conference itself will serve
as stage for informed and engaged discussion.  After the conference, select
participants may be invited to revise their papers in light of comments
received to prepare them for publication as part of a planned edited volume.

Please email a 300–500 word proposal accompanied by a brief biography or CV
to: Center for Korean Studies at uwcks at u.washington.edu.

Proposals should be submitted by July 1st, 2014 to receive full
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