[KS] North Korea Discovered a Koguryo Tomb with Mural Paintings, Rodong Sinmun, May 19, 2014

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Fri May 23 22:23:18 EDT 2014

Newly Discovered Tomb with Mural Paintings

Lately, a Koguryo Tomb with mural paintings was unearthed by the
Archaeological Institute under the Academy of Social Sciences in Honam-ri,
Samsok District, Pyongyang.

It is situated at the south foot of Mt. Kwangdae in Honam-ri. Around it are
Koguryo tombs registered as world cultural heritage.

The newly discovered tomb is a typical stone and soil tomb of Koguryo type;
it consists of a corridor to the tomb, inner corridor and a burial chamber.

What draws attention are Star pictures painted on the ceiling.

Depicted in them are red-brown stars 9.8cm and 12cm in diameter each.
Compared with the then astronomical chart, it is supposed that large stars
are Jupiter and Mercury.

Judging from its form and content, it can be said that the tomb was built
in about 6th century.

This tomb will serve as valuable materials for the study of cultural,
architectural, painting and astronomical development of the Koguryo
dynasty. It is a priceless heritage of our nation enriching the cultural
treasure of humankind.

Dr. Son Su Ho, president of Archaeological Institute under the Academy of
Social Sciences
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