[KS] The Annals of King T'aejo

Brother Anthony ansonjae at sogang.ac.kr
Tue Nov 4 04:54:41 EST 2014

I have the impression that the following book has not been announced on the list. Sorry if I am wrong.

The Annals of King T'aejo, Founder of Korea’s Chosŏn Dynasty. Translated with commentary by Choi Byonghyon. Harvard University Press. 2014. ISBN 9780674281301 


At over 1,000 pages, this is truly a monumental volume, and of extraordinary interest. it is (for its size) amazingly unexpensive. Amazon also offers a Kindle version which will no doubt be needed for searches but this is very much a book to dip into at random. 

There was a celebration to mark its publication yesterday in Seoul.

Brother Anthony
President, RAS Korea etc

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