[KS] Ch'oe Cha's SamgyOng-bu poem and, separately, dolmen

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Dear  Andrew,

I can send you a scan of the original.  Best wishes,  Remco Breuker.

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Op 12 okt. 2014 14:20 schreef "Andrew" <zatouichi at gmail.com>:

> Dear all,
> Two questions:
> 1)
> Could anyone suggest how I might obtain a copy of Ch'oe Cha's (崔慈) poem
> which is either named *SamgyOng-bu *(三京賦) or *Samdo-bu* (三都賦), referred
> to in Breuker's book as prefiguring "much of the Tan'gun myth (notes 49 and
> 57 of Chapter 3 in Breuker 2010. *Establishing a Pluralist Society in
> Medieval Korea*) ?
> The poem doesn't show up well in internet searches, and when it does it is
> most often referring to similarly named Chinese works.
> According to Breuker (2010), it is in the *TongmunsOn* (東文選) - which
> unfortunately we do not have in our library - so really my question is: is
> there any online version of the
> *TongmunsOn* not behind a 회원가입 wall?
> 2)
> Does anyone know of premodern references to dolmen megaliths? In
> particular, pre- C18th Silhak references (though these are also of
> interest) ?
> I feel like I've read something on this question before, but cannot think
> where. If so, it was probably attributed to Dasan.
> If there are premodern references to dolmen, what term did they use?
> Apologies that these are rather basic research questions, but thank-you in
> advance for any thoughts.
> sincerely
> Andrew Logie
> (University of Helsinki)
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