[KS] Photos of Russian military instructors in Imperial Korea

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Fri Oct 24 01:42:35 EDT 2014

So, you did not like my Prussian uncles with their Russian friends?
Never mind.

Here is what you are looking for. (Ross King or German Kim might know 
of newer articles -- but this one you can access online and I think it 
is as detailed as it gets on your topic.)

This is a 10 pages article about Russian advisors and military 
involvement of that time by historian Sergei Volkov from 2003:
Волков С.В. Русские офицеры – исследова
тели Кореи конца XIX – начала XX века // Рос
сийское корееведение. Альманах. Вып 3. М
.: Муравей, 2003. С. 193-202.
I am not sure, but I would wonder if this particular article was not 
translated into Korean. You may want to check.
There is also a book by him that might well include the same:
But for sure are there various pieces published by him in English also 
.... he is the expert on that area.

That is a quick overview.

For further information -- from a conference in Bonn Germany, 2004:
T.M. Simbirtseva, "Russian Materials on the Pre-Modern (till 1920’s) 
history of Russian-Korean Relations: Diplomatic and Social Aspects" -->


Frank Hoffmann

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