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FOUR of the nine (and if taking Lowell himself off that list you 
already have only four left to find):

The reference you made is this one, I suppose:

----- quote, page 376 of Lowell's _Chöson_ book -----
CUT off as we were from the scientific world (there were only nine of 
us foreigners in Söul, not counting Von Möllendorff's two babies, and 
omitting the Japanese, whom, however, we always reckoned as of 
ourselves), we lived in much uncertainty as to the time of day. (...) 
But the English teacher of the school was an enterprising man; (...)

(1) The British teacher referred to in above quote is Thomas E. 
Hallifax. He had been invited by Möllendorff to be the English 
instructor at the Tongmun'gwan 同文館, the Foreign Language School, 
established in September 1883. Möllendorff had also brought over two 
Chinese (or Chinese American?) teachers, both with degrees from U.S. 
universities: Zhong Xian Wu and Xian Wei Tang.

(2) Minister Lucius H. Foote -- U.S. Minister to Korea, had opened a 
legation office in 1883 in Chŏng-dong, Seoul

(3) Lucius H. Foote's wife Rose -- see the three-page attached 1894 
article "The United States in Korea" and the photo.

(4) Foote's secretary Charles Scudder. The photo below, from the 1894 
acticle, must have been taken in 1884, given that George W. Woods is on 
it (who arrived in March 1884). But Charles Scudder had been Foote's 
secretary before that. (Compare: George Clayton Foulk, _Inside the 
Hermit Kingdom: The 1884 Korea Travel Diary of George Clayton Foulk_, 
edited and annotated by Samuel Hawley (2008), footnote 28 on page 158;


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