[KS] Percival Lowell - 7 of 9 ...

Frank Hoffmann hoffmann at koreanstudies.com
Tue Apr 7 19:18:56 EDT 2015

Got myself a little confused with that already corrected earlier 
"1882-83" date: in 1883-84, of course, Möllendorff's family as already 
in Korea -- they arrived in fall of 1883.
So there will only be two more to go then ...

- Paul Georg von Möllendorff (who was NOT excluded from Lowell's list, 
but I forgot to include him)
- Rosalie von Möllendorff, his wife, who later in 1930 published her 
husbands's biography
  (and their two baby daughters Emma and Margarete, whom Lowell did not 
include in his counting)


Frank Hoffmann

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