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Robert Provine wrote:

> Griffis is an interesting candidate for being Haddo - looks at a 
> glance as though he was in the USA at the same time as Sô Kwangbôm, 
> whom he had met in 1883 in New York, and could have been in touch 
> with him in the 1890s when Sô was in the USA.

Yes, Griffis had met with Sŏ and other delegates of the first Korean 
mission to the U.S. on 27 November 1883 at the Victoria Hotel in New  
York (see below source). Griffis has seemingly writen a lot of books 
and articlen on Korea. One big book already came out in 1882 and was 
based mostly on Japanese sources. I was not aware of these *many* 
publications until now -- quite an amazing writer and hard-working 


Mention of his meeting with the Korean delegation in New York:
William Elliot Griffis, _Corea, without and within: Chapters on Corean 
History, Manners and Religion. With Hendrick Hamel's Narrative of 
Captivity and Travels in Corea, Annotated_, Philadelphia: Presbyterian 
Board of Publication, 1885, p. 216.

Frank Hoffmann

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