[KS] new book announcement Hazel Smith, North Korea: Markets and Military Rule (Cambridge University Press).

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I wonder if I may announce the publication of my new book, with thanks,

Hazel Smith, North Korea: Markets and Military Rule (Cambridge University
Press). It is available in paperback. Summary and Table of Contents below.

Summary koreanstudies at koreanstudies.com

In this historically grounded, richly empirical study of social and economic
transformation in North Korea, Hazel Smith evaluates the 'marketization from
below' that followed the devastating famine of the early 1990s, estimated to
be the cause of nearly one million fatalities. Smith shows how the end of
the Cold War in Europe and the famine ushered brought radical social change
to all of North Korean society. This major new study analyses how
marketization transformed the interests, expectations and values of the
entire society, including Party members, the military, women and men, the
young and the elderly. Smith shows how the daily life of North Koreans has
become alienated from the daily pronouncements of the North Korean
government. Challenging stereotypes of twenty-five million North Koreans as
mere bystanders in history, Smith argues that North Koreans are 'neither
victims nor villains' but active agents of their own destiny.

Table of Contents

Introduction: North Korea: politics, economy and society
Part I. Jettisoning Caricatures: Understanding History
1. Beyond the clichés
2. National identity
Part II. The Rise and Fall of Kim Il Sungism:
3. Colonial occupation and the rise of Kim Il Sung
4. War-fighting as state-building
5. 'Socialism in our own style'
6. Sisyphus as economic model
7. Social stratification in the workers' state
8. Famine and the end of Kim Il Sungism
Part III. Marketisation and Military Rule:
9. Marketisation from below
10. Military rule from above
11. The marketisation of well-being
12. The marketisation of the social structure
13. Going nuclear
14. Strategic paralysis
15. North Koreans as agents of change




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