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> In his self-portrait Ko Hui-dong certainly does not wear a court 
> dress, but the usual attire of a gentleman with a triple chongja-gwan 
> on his head.

Yes, apologies, Professor Deuchler is certainly right there. The word 
"court" should not have been in my note. 
Ko Hŭi-dong was on his way to become a government official, but then 
the country was occupied by Japan and his career goals changed.

The court and other officials would wear, for official business at 
least, some sort of 'samo' 紗帽 hat with flaps. That, however, does not 
mean that court officials would not ALSO wear 'chŏngjagwan' 程子冠 "in 
private" (but the way I worded that is indeed misleading). See below, 
the court offical (Officer to the Privy Council -- and the year before 
a delegate send to the Washington) Min Sang-ho wears a 'chŏngjagwan' -- 
painted by Hubert Vos in 1898.

Last note:  Thanks also to Frank Shulman. That "Korean Costume: An 
Historical Analysis" Kim Jin-Goo (I had missed that, strangely enough), 
seems to owe much debt to the very publication Professor Deuchler just 
mentioned: _한국의 관모_, 영남대학교 신라가야 문화연구소, 1972.
Thanks for the leads.

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