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As its editor I am happy to announce that the new issue of the Sungkyun Journal of East Asian Studies is available online: http://sjeas.skku.edu, with articles about both contemporary and premodern Korea.
SJEAS is a 100% open-access journal and so all articles and book reviews can be downloaded for free.

CONTENTS Vol.15 No.1 APR. 2015

Ditching ‘Diglossia’: Describing Ecologies of the Spoken and Inscribed in Pre-modern Korea
by Ross KING (University of British Columbia)

Patriarch Luo as a Writer and Reader: Speculating about the Creative Process behind the Five Books in Six Volumes
by Barend J. TER HAAR (University of Oxford)

Negotiating a Multicultural Identity in Monocultural South Korea: Stigma and the Pressure to Racially “Pass”
by Nikia BROWN / Jeong-Woo KOO (Sungkyunkwan University)

The Politics of Romance in Colonial Korea: An Investigation of a Korean Translation of the Japanese Romance Novel, The Gold Demon
by Jooyeon RHEE (Hebrew University of Jerusalem)

Academia and Cultural Production: Yu Dan and Her Confucius from the Heart: Ancient Wisdom for Today’s World
by Shenshen CAI (University of Melbourne)

The Royal College: Korea’s First Instance of American-Style Education and the Making of Modern Korean Officials, 1886-1894
by Leighanne Kimberly YUH (Korea University)

Book Reviews
Andrew David JACKSON (ed.)
Key Papers on Korea, Essays Celebrating 25 Years of the Centre of Korean Studies, SOAS, University of London.
by Werner SASSE (University of Hamburg)
When the Future Disappears
by Brandon PALMER (Coastal Carolina University)
Nicholas TACKETT
The Destruction of the Medieval Chinese Aristocracy
by Jesse SLOANE (Yonsei University)

Best regards,

Boudewijn Walraven
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