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*Digital Korea: History, Use, and Effects of New Communication Technologies*

*Perspectives on Contemporary Korea Conference Series V*

November 13-14, 2015 at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA

One of the hallmarks of contemporary Korea is the incredible rate of
development, adoption, and integration of new communication technologies.
With this access to new communication technologies now part of the very
fabric of Korean society, it becomes important to examine the history, use,
and effects of Korean digital media – the internet, social media, mobile
phones, etc. How has Korea’s particular history shaped the development of
new communication technologies and new media use in the country? What
sectors of Korean society are using new media and in what ways? How do
values, norms, and personal attributes interplay with individual’s use of
digital media? How does new media use and adoption play out between
generations? What has been the impact of digital media in politics and
society as well as everyday life?

*Digital Korea: History, Use, and Effects of New Communication
Technologies* aims
to showcase innovative scholarly work examining various subjects concerning
the role of social media, mobile phones, and other new communication
technologies in in the case of Korea. The conference will be open to all
methodological and disciplinary traditions. Theory-driven research and
innovative methodological approaches are particularly welcome.

Some specific avenues of inquiry include but are not limited to papers that:

·         Can speak to the context and history around new media development
and adoption in Korea; that chart the benefits or the drawbacks of new
media and illuminate (unintended) consequences;

·         Explore the everyday individual uses of new media in civic

·         Study the utilization of new media in the areas of health,
sustainability, and the environment;

·         Examine patterns of digital media use and their consequences in
politics and society

·         Use new media as a lens to interpret culture and contextualize
current events or that situate new media trends within a cultural and
recent history;

·         Document and critique the approach to new media by government and
corporate conglomerates including but not limited to advertising,
censorship, propaganda, and dissemination of information;

·         Grapple with issues of access and digital diversity;

·         Relate Korean values and traditions to new media trends; and,

·         Infer what new media means for the future of Korean society; and

·         Investigate any other topics/approaches relevant to the themes of
new media/new communication technologies in the case of Korea.

Conference meals and lodging will be included for one accepted participant
per paper. Modest travel grants to defray the costs of attendance may be
available to accepted participants by application.

Organizer: Nojin Kwak (Nam Center/Department of Communication Studies,
University of Michigan)

Sponsors: Nam Center for Korean Studies, University of Michigan

Guidelines for Submission

 1. *Deadline*: All submissions must be made no later than Friday, August
21, 2015 in U.S. Eastern Time.

 2. *Categories of Submission*: Two categories of submission may be
accepted: full papers or abbreviated papers (approximately 5-8 pages). Full
papers strongly preferred. Abbreviated papers must contain a description of
methodology and findings.

3. *Author Information*: All submissions, including abbreviated papers,
must include a separate cover page and an abstract with approximately 250
words. The cover page should include the following information: Title,
name(s) of the author(s), affiliation, mailing address, email address of
corresponding author, and a phone number.

4. *Submission Method*: Send in MS Word via email to digitalkorea at umich.edu.

5. Final Papers: Accepted submissions will need to submit final papers by
Friday, October 16, 2015.
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