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*Asian Musicology*, founded and edited by Prof. CHUN In Pyong, will now be
published with a new editor, Dr. SO Inhwa, assisted by Dr. JANG Yeonok.  It
will be a fully refereed journal, published twice a year (May 1 and
November 1) by the Council for Asian Musicology. The journal is the only
English-language journal on Asian music published since 2002 in Korea.

*Asian Musicology* publishes original articles in the field of Asian music,
broadly defined. *Asian Musicology* welcomes articles on all aspects of the
performing arts of Asia. Manuscript should conform to *The Chicago Manual
of Style* and should be submitted to the editor (copy deadlines: March 15
and September 15). This journal will be peer-reviewed from 2016. Papers can
be sent to Dr. SO Inhwa at soinhwa@ gmail.com or Dr. JANG Yeonok at
yonokchang at naver.com.

*Asian Musicology* is indexed and abstracted in RILM.

*Website*: www.asianmusicology.net

*Address*: Yangjaedaero 1218/102-304 Olympic apt, SEOUL 138-786, SOUTH KOREA

President: Prof. emeritus CHUN In Pyong


peacemusic at daum.net

Editor: SO Inhwa, PhD


soinhwa at gmail.com

JANG Yeonok, Ph.D. (Ethnomusicology)

Academic affairs

*Asian Musicology*
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