[KS] references for Korean comedians/gagmen in film and TV

Michelle Cho, Dr michelle.cho at mcgill.ca
Mon Jun 22 18:55:32 EDT 2015

Dear colleagues,

I’m writing to inquire whether anyone on this list has suggestions for recent cultural criticism or scholarly writing in English or Korean on mainstream Korean comedy/comedians? I’m specifically interested in the “gagman.” When does this type of entertainer become an industry staple? What are the historical precedents for the gagman? How does the physicality of the gagman relate to that of other Korean celebrities? What factors might explain the prevalence of slapstick in mainstream Korean comedy (especially TV)?

I would appreciate any leads, if you would be so kind. 

Many thanks, 

Michelle Cho
Korea Foundation Assistant Professor 
Department of East Asian Studies, McGill University
michelle.cho at mcgill.ca

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