[KS] Call for Participation: Here and Abroad: The Globalization of K-Art and Other Myths

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Call for ParticipationHere and Abroad: The Globalization of K-Art and Other MythsCollege Art Association (CAA) 104th Annual Conference, Washington, DC,February 3 - 06, 2016Deadline: May 8, 2015 Shortly before the opening of the 2014 Gwangju Biennale, artists in the Special Exhibition withdrew their works due to conflicts that arose between the conservative mayor of Gwangju and the curatorial board for the event. The curatorial board encouraged active participation in political discussions, as was evident in the Biennale’s title, Burning Down the House, but local authorities were concerned that such a “radical” theme would attract unwelcome attention to the political uprising of 1980 during the military dictatorship of South Korea. This episode reveals a conflict of perspectives about how to depict local history and the identities of places within international art events. Whose voices should be represented, especially in exhibitions that are held in non-Western contexts? Furthermore, how can policy makers, curators, and critics best negotiate their different interests and desires in defining local themes versus “globalized” Western standards? Going beyond mere introductions of renowned South Korean artists or a critique of transnational art events, this panel invites topics that unravel the layered power structure of the globalized art world and a series of attempts to counterbalance that structure. We very much welcome proposals on case studies of 1) national cultural policy in South Korea oscillating between local politics and the global artistic theories and reputations; 2) a growing unease with "multi-cultural" policies within South Korea among artist's collectives and critics; 3) Korean artists in diaspora or working in both domestic and international art worlds; 4) Korean curators affiliating with artists and curators from non-western contexts to fight against the phenomena of globalization that still centers on the western curatorial regime; 5) critics and critical views examining internationally renowned artists and biennials from both local and international perspectives. The panel will also consider papers dealing with collaborative efforts among international artists, curators, artists' collectives and residents related to contemporary artists from South Korea. Please send an abstract (1-2 pages, double spaced) and current CV with contact information to co-chairs. Please also remember that anyone who participates in your session MUST be an individual CAA member.Dong-Yeon Koh, (Hongik University, Seoul), dykoh at yahoo.comGyung Eun Oh, (Ewha University, Seoul), angela5127 at gmail.com 
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