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Dear list members, please note the forthcoming Korean Studies event at the University of Copenhagen. Entry is free. Best, Andrew

The 4thKorean Screen Culture Conference

Universityof Copenhagen,Friday 29th and Saturday 30th  May 2015

The fourth Korean ScreenCulture Conference will be held at the Department of Cross-Cultural andRegional Studies (ToRS), the University of Copenhagen. This will be aninternational conference critically analyzing all aspects of Korean screenculture. The conference follows on from  three previous highly successful events thatwere held at the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS), the Universityof London in 2012 and 2013 and at the University of Sheffield Hallam in 2014. The fourth annual Korean Screen CultureConference will provide a forum for international scholars to reflect on thedevelopment of transnational and transmedia practices in Korean screen culture,through a wide-range of papers from various disciplines (film studies, Koreanstudies, comparative literature, music) and to discuss possible futuredirections for Korean Screen culture. There are panels on K-Pop, Hallyu (theKorean Wave), K-Drama, documentary, and North Korean film. The conference willsee twenty-eight speakers from Europe, North America and Asia speak on sevenpanels with one plenary speaker. Amongst the participants are graduatestudents, emerging as well as internationally renowned scholars includingJinhee Choi (author of The South KoreanFilm Renaissance: Local Hitmakers Global Provocateurs[2010]), Hye Seung Chung (author of Kim Ki-duk [2012], David Scott Diffrient, Colette Balmain (authorof Introduction to Japanese Horror Film[2008]), Julian Stringer and Chi-yun Shin (authors of New Korean Cinema [2005]). This event is organized byToRS and University of Copenhagen Korean Studies and is funded by the KoreaFoundation and ToRS.

Venue Faculty of Humanities, Amagercampus (nearest metro station: Islands Brygge) Københavns Universitet, KarenBlixens vej 4, Copenhagen, Denmark.

Friday 29th May 

Building:  27.0.17 & 22.0.47 

Saturday30th May 

Building:27.0.17 & 27.0.09

Forany questions contact Andrew Jackson: krm769 at hum.ku.dk

Organized by theKorean Studies department, Institut for Tværkulturelle ogRegionale Studier, Københavns Universitet, Karen Blixens vej 4, bygn. 10, Lokale 10-1-45

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