[KS] formal question (which version of Chinese characters?)

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o.k. serious...
if the publiation is in a Western language I would use the regional variety, if the publication is in Korean I would add the traditional characters at the first mentioning. 
For the case of a Chinese "Korean" : is there a general tendency what THEY use ?
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> Werner, with the second part of your note below I am a little lost. 
> Maybe you meant this part of your response to be a ironic? I am not 
> sure. In a publications of an academic nature I/we would not use "Gwon" 
> to represent 權, no matter what that person prints on his name card 
> (unless we talk about an overseas Korean). Of course, one can always 
> add such information in parentheses, if it seems to make sense.
> Once more my question -- same question:
> What is your recommendation for **personal names** (and I am not 
> referring to the transcription in Latin letters but to Chinese 
> characters). Shall we, in a Korea related publication, if the journal 
> or publisher has no different requirements, use the "regional" version 
> of the characters when introducing a post-1949 personality from China 
> (e.g. simplified Chinese characters for Deng Xiaoping or for that Mr. 
> Kwŏn from Jilin)? 
> I ask this as there SEEMS no semantic change involved in case of 
> personal names, and thus this is a different case than terminology or 
> publication titles.
> Best,
> Frank
> > 2) "rather > than Quan)? If we 'push' that a little, we then get 
> > sentences like: "In 
> >> 1990 Mr. Kwŏn 权 xx visited his his nephew Mr. Kwŏn 權 yy in Seoul." 
> >  Mr. Kwŏn 权
> >  Mr. Kwŏn  權
> > Mr. Quan 权
> >  Mr. Quan 權
> > Mr. Gweon
> > Mr. Gwon aso... --- Look at the namecards. If you dont have them, 
> > look where this is printed...
> >  
> > Greetings to everyone
> > Werner
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> Frank Hoffmann
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