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Charles Muller acmuller at l.u-tokyo.ac.jp
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On 2015/05/30 14:28, Frank Hoffmann wrote:

> My question is this:  The Japanese (or better, the Japanese fonts)
> still have not assigned a code block for those ALREADY EXISTENT Korean
> special characters (to the entire "CJK Compatibility Ideographs" block,
> that is). Why is this, given the Chinese do that? There most obviously
> is no technical reason for not doing that, since it is already there.

I don't know how decisions are made inside of JIS, or how Japanese 
industrial specialists, or members of the Japan Microsoft team make 
decisions as to how to set up their code pages. It might be the case 
that if someone pointed this out, they might add it. In any case, I 
would imagine that nation-specific code pages will eventually disappear.

> The other, FAR MORE IMPORTANT question:
> If this doubling of glyphs is something only the Koreans do (if it only
> found its way into Unicode as some sort of compromise, as we can see
> this as a historical decision based of political decisions of dealing
> with people who did not fully understand the system) -- then I wonder
> if there is another technical means (via the code pages) to do a
> complete reversal?

Once again, I am not aware of the processes involved in creating 
national code pages. But sophisticated database search software already 
goes beyond these, using Unicode variant planes and independent hanzi 
mapping projects such as CHISE (http://www.chise.org/), so it is just a 
matter of recording all the anomolies and getting them straightened out.




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