[KS] unicode

Frank Hoffmann hoffmann at koreanstudies.com
Sat May 30 03:49:57 EDT 2015

I replied to your message before seeing this LAST, 2nd message you sent.

> But sophisticated database search software 
> already goes beyond these, using Unicode variant planes and 
> independent hanzi mapping projects such as CHISE 
> (http://www.chise.org/), so it is just a matter of recording all the 
> anomolies and getting them straightened out.

Thanks -- I understand what you are saying .... you can even type (as 
we all may likely have accidentally done already) with a Korean font in 
a Google search Window WHILE thinking we type with a Western font -- or 
reverse -- and when we hit the ENTER to that "garbledeguk" entry we 
produed there, then we see that Google understands it anyway, at least 
sometimes. That's the result of what you describe. However, my point 
was different: reversibility. That will NOT be possible. That will only 
possible with the solution already implemented for Hanmun in Unicode.


Frank Hoffmann

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