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On 2015/05/30 16:59, Charles Muller wrote:

> In any case, things that are not right in ISO 10646 can be corrected by
> communication with the local national body.

I should add: this is really possible. In the early days it was almost 
impossible for small groups or individuals to have any input on this 
enormous process. But now that the coverage is so huge, and the amount 
of new characters being added at every meeting is subsiding, more 
attention is being paid to the resolution of contradictions and 
inconsistencies. Also, proposals to add new ideographs are accepted 
(through the help and approval of the committees of national bodies) 
from relatively minor groups. For instance, a proposal put forth by a 
Shingon temple in San Jose to add some new Siddham characters to ISO is 
now being given serious consideration through the USA IRG team.

Hence, Korea-specific or Japan-specific issues can be raised directly to 
national body team members (most of whom are just university faculty 
members, like the rest of us, doing committee work in their spare 
time!). If anyone would like contact addresses, I am pretty sure I can 
get them for you.




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