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Frank Hoffmann hoffmann at koreanstudies.com
Sun May 31 19:07:55 EDT 2015

My apologies to do this in two mails.

PS: About the issue of possibly confusing users with different 
encodings of the same Kanji: first, it is already done that way with 
Korean Hanmun/Hanja, and second, the following could be a simple 

It would be a very simple programming task to create a "Clean Font 
Encoding" function that would convert ALL the encoding that access 
characters in the (then expanded "CJK Compatibility Ideographs" 
section) to the standard table entries. (Actually, that is already 
happening if you reformat a text that uses a Korean or new Chinese 
Unicode font with a Japanese Unicode font.) And such a function could 
then be posted by the Unicode Consortium and Microsoft, Apple, and 
everyone else could easily add that to whatever programs they have. 
Every user could then "clean" his code in a second, and have that 
option. Again, I think we cannot compare this with the task of 
re-encoding Latin letters (your "o" example), as the whole issue is 
much less extensive.

But as said earlier, the train has left the station -- this is no more 
than theory, won't happen anymore at this time. 

> Users
> should not need to know about character encoding, so the encoding level
> seems the wrong place to put this annotation.
> No, clearly not.  An "o" is an "o" - it's a character, not a sound.  And
> for the same reason it would be wrong to make duplicate copies of the
> Kanji.

Frank Hoffmann

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