[KS] Mac Users / Korean: WARNING! (Update to OS X El Capitan)

Frank Hoffmann hoffmann at koreanstudies.com
Thu Oct 1 16:45:27 EDT 2015

That should have been "the two keys *RIGHT* of the space bar" when 
comparing the keyboards. Sorry!
(If your own keyboard has Command and Option keys RIGHT of the space 
bar, then Michael's workaround will work for you.)


Thu, 1 Oct 2015 13:16:21 -0700, Frank Hoffmann wrote:
> Many thanks to Michael Prentice!
> Finally, after Michael and I had already discussed the issue, I was 
> able to figure out why this did not work for me. Since this might apply 
> to others here, let me explain -- and summarize the remaining problems:
> This is the kind of keyboard I used until now -- which is NOT working 
> with Michael's suggested 'Karabiner' workaround:
> http://goo.gl/WMVWqa
> And this is a regular small Mac keyboard:
> http://goo.gl/r1zaWp
> Pay attention to the two keys LEFT of the SPACE bar and you see the 
> difference: the "Command" and the 2nd "Alt/Option" key is missing on my 
> keyboard (because that's no Mac keyboard). The Karabiner program does 
> not seem (I did not see it, at least) to reassign the "Alt/Option" on 
> the right, only that on the left. So, that was the problem. I replaced 
> the keyboard with one that is 100% compatible to a Mac (but now creates 
> other problems for me when working in Windows and Linux) and Michael's 
> workaround (using 'Karabiner') works fine!
> What problems are left?
> - With the OLD Microsoft Office programs (e.g. MS Word for Mac 2011) 
> this workaround does NOT work; you can type Han'gŭl but get no Hanja; 
> so you are limited to the new MS Word 2016. The good news is: you can 
> open a document that was created by MS Word 2011 in MS Word 2016 in the 
> "compatible mode" -- and you can continue to edit that document in that 
> "compatible mode" but will be able to enter Hanja (using Michael's 
> Karabiner workaround).
> - My earlier point (c) is still unresolved ... that is, that there are 
> unwanted, non-correctable extra spaces following numbers 
>   (e.g. 2015 年)
> - Some other, older programs that were not updated for use in Apple's 
> "El Capitano Schettino" might still turn out to be unusable for Korean 
> input. As you see in this example, a bug report and fix for the Web 
> browser "Chromium," Apple did change the actual routines in the code 
> for Korean input, and thus this needs to be updated by programmers in 
> their software:
> https://code.google.com/p/chromium/issues/detail?id=500376
> If that is not done, then even the "Karabiner" workaround will not do.
> The fact that such a workaround is necessary even if that was applies 
> (MS Word 2016) is bad enough ... seems someone wanted to impress his 
> mamma but decided to take a hike half the way.
> Best,
> Frank

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