[KS] Mac Users / Korean: WARNING! (Update to OS X El Capitan)

Frank Hoffmann hoffmann at koreanstudies.com
Thu Oct 1 16:16:21 EDT 2015

Many thanks to Michael Prentice!

Finally, after Michael and I had already discussed the issue, I was 
able to figure out why this did not work for me. Since this might apply 
to others here, let me explain -- and summarize the remaining problems:

This is the kind of keyboard I used until now -- which is NOT working 
with Michael's suggested 'Karabiner' workaround:

And this is a regular small Mac keyboard:

Pay attention to the two keys LEFT of the SPACE bar and you see the 
difference: the "Command" and the 2nd "Alt/Option" key is missing on my 
keyboard (because that's no Mac keyboard). The Karabiner program does 
not seem (I did not see it, at least) to reassign the "Alt/Option" on 
the right, only that on the left. So, that was the problem. I replaced 
the keyboard with one that is 100% compatible to a Mac (but now creates 
other problems for me when working in Windows and Linux) and Michael's 
workaround (using 'Karabiner') works fine!

What problems are left?

- With the OLD Microsoft Office programs (e.g. MS Word for Mac 2011) 
this workaround does NOT work; you can type Han'gŭl but get no Hanja; 
so you are limited to the new MS Word 2016. The good news is: you can 
open a document that was created by MS Word 2011 in MS Word 2016 in the 
"compatible mode" -- and you can continue to edit that document in that 
"compatible mode" but will be able to enter Hanja (using Michael's 
Karabiner workaround).

- My earlier point (c) is still unresolved ... that is, that there are 
unwanted, non-correctable extra spaces following numbers 
  (e.g. 2015 年)

- Some other, older programs that were not updated for use in Apple's 
"El Capitano Schettino" might still turn out to be unusable for Korean 
input. As you see in this example, a bug report and fix for the Web 
browser "Chromium," Apple did change the actual routines in the code 
for Korean input, and thus this needs to be updated by programmers in 
their software:
If that is not done, then even the "Karabiner" workaround will not do.
The fact that such a workaround is necessary even if that was applies 
(MS Word 2016) is bad enough ... seems someone wanted to impress his 
mamma but decided to take a hike half the way.


Frank Hoffmann

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